YOU CAN and an All Pink Makeup Look That You Will Love

I was having a pretty blah day.

It was cloudy and cold and that always gets my anxiety fired up. So, I shut myself in my beauty room, lovingly named The Babe Cave, lit some candles and played some music.

After watching about 2 hours of Youtube videos, I started to perk up and decided to try a fun pink look. Definitely brightened my day.

With my newfound optimism, I was feeling inspirational and as luck (or Pinterest) would have it, I found the perfect little quote to go with my makeup look!

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Want to learn how to dance? You can. Want to become a photographer? You can. Want to figure out how to cook? You can. Want to move to a new city? You can. Want to get better at doing your makeup? You can. Want to work from home? You can. Want to change your life? You can.

You are the only thing holding yourself back from the life of your dreams.

I wanted to be a photographer. So I made the decision to become one and I did. I wanted to learn how to do my makeup so I watch everything I can to get better. I wanted to be able to make some side money from home so I started a new business and I worked hard at it.

I could have VERY EASILY said “Erin you are WAY too busy, you are too poor, you are too young, you are too old, you are too chubby, you are too shy, you will never figure it out.”

Believe me, all of that has crossed my mind at some point. But I promptly told myself to shut up and kept going towards my goal.

Wherever you want to be in life, whatever it is you are dreaming about…YOU CAN. 

*All products used for this look are listed below.


Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer

Dewy Foundation mixed with Pearlizer

Bronze Dust Powder for bronzer

Moca Java ShadowSense for contour

Pink Berry BlushSense

Silver Rose Powder on top of blush

Light Concealer under eyes

Pearlizer for highlight on cheeks, nose, forehead and cupid’s bow



Sandstone Pearl as base

Pink Frost on lids

Mulberry in crease

Pink Posey in outer corners and upper crease

Pink Opal Shimmer under eye liner

Onyx under eye liner

Starry Night liquid liner on lids

Sandstone Pearl Shimmer on browbone



Apple Cider in the middle

Dark Pink outer lining

Orchid Gloss

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