You’re Putting Your Foundation On All Wrong- How to Apply MakeSense Foundation with a Stippling Brush

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It recently came to my attention that most people are putting their MakeSense Foundation on all wrong.

About two months ago I switched from my beauty blender to my stippling brush after a fellow beauty blogger recommended it. Little did I know that that’s what I should have been using ALL along!

Our MakeSense Foundation is meant to be applied over our Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer. If you use a regular brush, your fingers or a beauty blender to apply the foundation, it will basically just smear back and forth and not really go anywhere.

Let me back track a bit and tell you about WHY this foundation is the best.

Growing up I was NEVER a foundation wearer. The feeling, the smell and the way it left a film on my cell phone always grossed me out. I wore tinted moisturizer my whole life, until I gave our foundation a try.

makesense foundation

MakeSense foundation contains SenePlex complex, our anti-aging technology.

It’s also waterproof (hello water park or sweat sesh at the gym!), oil free and non-comodogenic (won’t clog your pores.) It also contains a mechanical shield equal to SPF 15. So far, so awesome.

My favorite thing about it though is after applying it, my skin feels like I am wearing nothing, but the coverage is incredible!

Now, in order to have the foundation soak in and provide the maximum coverage, you must use a stippling brush! I prefer the smaller size because it gets into my face nooks and crannies a little better.

stippling foundation brush for makesense

Mine is a very inexpensive version I grabbed at Walmart, and you can also grab it here: STIPPLING BRUSH

Check out my latest FB live on how to apply Silk and MakeSense Foundation and let me know if you grab one of these brushes!

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