I have a confession to make…I am an e-course junkie. Last year I purchased 10 online courses or workshops. Sound crazy? Maybe, but I bet many of you are the same way!
After purchasing so many, I can tell you in all honesty, some were really great and some were just FLUFF.
It’s hard to tell sometimes which is which.
And that’s why I want to make it super apparent to you that my course, The $5000 Weekend, does NOT fall into the FLUFF category. 
I created this course with people like me in mind…
Photographers who are successful, but see a lull in business during certain times throughout the year.
Photographers who have a lot going on in their lives and don’t have time to figure out how to take all of the steps necessary to succeed with Mini-Shoots or Marathons.
Photographers who want REAL, ACTIONABLE step-by-step instructions that they can follow to see tangible results. 
The $5,000 weekend lays out every step I took and how to do it yourself, in order to get bookings and sales from your Mini-Shoots and Marathons.
In the course I cover:
Module 1- Why Mini-Shoots & Marathons Work
Module 2- Structuring Your Marathon
Module 3- Pricing Your Marathon
Module 4- Choosing Your Products for Your Marathon
Bonus Video- The Two Types of Pricing Structures That Work
Module 5- Marketing Your Marathon (with a case study of every FB, Instagram and blog post I sent out for my $5,000 weekend!)
Module 6- Pre-educating Your Clients
Module 7- The Sales Session
Bonus Video #2- Ideas for Mini-Shoots and Marathons for ALL genres
Bonus- Access to our Private FB Community for ongoing support
You’ll also receive these downloads:
The $5,000 Weekend E-book
My Session Fee & A La Carte Pricing Menus
A Fillable Marketing Calendar
A Launch Checklist for Your Mini-Shoot or Marathon
A Fillable Marathon Schedule
A Marathon Prep Checklist
An List of Marathon & Mini-Shoots Ideas for All Genres
My Mini-Shoot & Marathon E-mail Templates
The best part, this course is only $297!
Click the image below for all of the details.