Hands down the best decision I’ve made in 2019 is to outsource everything I can.

✔️Client correspondence
✔️Accounting and taxes
✔️Social media posting
✔️Grocery Shopping

When you hire people who are experts at the things you are not, you do three things:

🎉You free up your time which lowers your stress and allows you to focus on what you do best.

🎉You give your clients an amazing experience because every part of it is being handled by an expert.

🎉You are able to grow as an artist because you have the time to watch trainings, take workshops and try new things.

The number 1 question I get about outsourcing is, “But what if I don’t have the money?”

Followed by, “I could never let (insert specific job here) go because I want my clients to have my personal touch.”

These are both blocks that you need to get around in order to reach the next level in your business.

How do you do that? You start small.

When you’re not in a place to pay thousands of dollars a month to outsource, start with one thing. You could go for the cheapest thing to outsource, but if you can swing it, I recommend going for the thing that eats the most of your time.

For me that was editing. I was spending hours a week editing and my family (and my body) were not happy about it. So I decided to look for help.

If you’ve ever priced out a professional editor, you know they are not cheap. Depending on what you need done, you’re looking at $1-4 a photo. When you have a business model like me where the majority of your income comes from the sales session AFTER the photos are edited, this just won’t work. I had to get creative.

I decided to put out a call on social media for someone who had 5-10 hours per week, a fast computer and no experience with Photoshop.

Why no experience? Because this way I was able to train them to edit exactly like me. There were no preconceived editing ideas or styles. I was working with a clean slate. I decided to pay a set price for 30 images or less, then $1 per images over 30.

I received LOTS of applications. After deciding on someone, I then recorded myself editing a few photos using a screen recording software and sent these training videos over to my new editor. I also sent some raw images for her to practice on. After she edited them, I gave her feedback on what I wanted done differently.

I’ve done this twice now and both times it’s worked out beautifully. It’s bought me HOURS of my time back!

Doing it this way also eliminates the fear of your photos not being edited in your style. Because I train my editors to edit just like me, no one can tell the difference. And each image still passes through me for final edits.

If you’re still struggling to let go of this aspect of your business because you feel like you need to personally edit each photo, I challenge you to try this just for a bit.

I guarantee if you hire the right editor, you will have so much extra time to focus on what you love most, and your clients will be so happy with your turnaround time, that you will probably never go back to editing all of the photos on your own.

Has this post opened your eyes to the beauty of outsourcing? if so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Next week I’ll be back with Part II of where I talk about the next step i took in outsourcing- hiring a Virtual Assistant to take care of all of my e-mailing and client correspondence! Have questions about that? Drop them below!