Launched in 2017 as a place to empower women through beauty, business and branding, this site is like an interactive version of your favorite women’s magazine. 

If you had to describe your obsessions to someone you might use words like Sephora, lashes, lipgloss, iced coffee and messy buns.

Every girl needs a little glam in her life, and if you’re always on the hunt for how to up the glam without taking up too much time, – you’re in the right place.

While I’m not a professional makeup artist, I have worked in the beauty industry as a women’s portrait photographer for 7 years. I am constantly surrounded by the most incredible makeup artists and hair stylists in the business, not to mention gorgeous women of all ages, races, size and backgrounds. This, combined with my intense love for makeup and beauty, lead me to create this blog so that I could share the best tips and tricks with other busy women!

In 2017 I became an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International. The majority of the products I use in my videos are from here, but I love mixing in other recommendations as well! And my opinions are always 100% honest. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell you. And if I do, well, you’ll hear all about it!

I have a few mantras when it comes to life & beauty and they are:

  • EVERY woman deserves to feel beautiful
  • Hair and makeup should never be a cover- they should always bring out the best version of you
  • We are WAY more powerful than we think we are
  • A good brow, a big pair of sunnies and a bright lip are all you need to take on the world
  • Margaritas are best enjoyed at an outdoor patio with your girlfriends


I’m 35 years old and am a wife and mom of 4 beautiful kids. For the last 7 years I’ve run a successful portrait photo studio out of my home. You can see my photography work here: www.erinblackwellstudio.com

I was born in California and I spent one third of my life in Pennsylvania, the second third in California, and the last third in Denver. About a year ago my whole family up and moved to Idaho. 

I consider myself a soft pretzel connoisseur, a wealth of celebrity fun facts and an avid reader. I am also lover of all things cheetah, chocolate and peanut butter, pina coladas, going to the movies with Evan- my husband of 13 years and Robert Downey Jr (some might call this last one an obsession, but it’s just a healthy admiration if you ask me).

I collect LipSense like it’s going out of style and love learning new makeup hacks that will make my life easier!

So, now it’s your turn. I want to know what YOU love about beauty and makeup so I can share my best tips and tricks with you! Contact me now and let me know!

Then be sure to grab your free copy of The Beauty Babe’s Guide To Being Put Together HERE.