Is your wardrobe lame? Check out my 5 favorite online boutiques for help!

I think there comes a time in every mom’s life when she realizes her wardrobe is lame. And I use the term wardrobe loosely because for most of us, that consists of yoga pants and t-shirts.

For almost all of my adult life I have been a mother. A busy, sleep deprived mother. So, as you can imagine, fashion wasn’t always at the forefront of my mind. However, as my kids got older, and I got a few more moments of sanity each day, I realized my closet needed HELP.

Online shopping was easiest for me because I didn’t have to find “real” clothes to put on before leaving the house, and I could shop at night after the kids were in bed. I started ordering from stores like H&M, Nordstrom and Zulily and built up a pretty solid wardrobe of the basics that every woman needs. Jeans, t-shirts, a few sweaters, and shoes. Lots of shoes.

But after while I realized that even though my wardrobe had improved, it was still BORING. Lots of black (I mostly blame that on being a photographer!) No personality. No excitement.

So this past year I made a conscious effort to add some fun into my wardrobe. Luckily for me, many of the women who I work with own beautiful online boutiques. And that is where I began curating a wardrobe that truly reflects me and my personality.

Now when I go into my closet, I have the basics covered, but I also have pieces that I can mix in to represent my style and my taste.

And these pieces aren’t things you’re going to see everywhere else because, unlike the huge department stores all over the country, online boutiques typically order in small batches that are unique to each store.

The added bonus is that these online boutiques are run by women I know and admire. So not only am I stepping up my wardrobe by shopping with them, I am supporting small businesses and helping these women provide for their families.

It is the perfect win/ win situation!

Below I have compiled a list of my top 5 Favorite Online Boutiques. And the owners have all been kind enough to offer a discount code for you to shop with them (told you these ladies were amazing).

As you continue to shop and build your wardrobe, I encourage you to look beyond the big department stores and find some quality boutiques that you can support wholeheartedly.

If you do end up getting some new items, please let me know, I would LOVE to see them on you!

My Top 5 Favorite Online Boutiques:

Shop Stevie by Behrens Artistry- You may have heard of Shop Stevie before. It was started by beauty blogger Stevie Henderson and carries the perfect mix of trendy and classic items. I instantly feel 10 x’s cooler when I have a Shop Stevie item on! Shop Stevie by Behrens Artistry is run by two gorgeous best friends and makeup artists, Lindsey Behrens and Camille Levi. You cannot go wrong here because they both have excellent taste and personally choose which items to carry.

You can shop online for 10% off using my coupon code ERINBA10:




Hemingway & Co.- This beautiful online boutique and store front are the brainchild of the lovely Jenny Hemingway. As you can easily see on her site, boring is NOT a word you could ever use to describe the colorful, funky space Jenny has created. I’ve ordered from her several times and I love the clothes, the price point and the customer service.

You can shop online for 20% off through November 28th using my special link (discount will appear at check out):




Pearl Junkie- This eclectic and fun boutique is run by mother and daughter-in-law Sharon Scott and Jada Cecil. With super funky pieces that you don’t see everywhere else, and some of the cutest graphic t’s ever, it is a MUST visit when you’re online shopping. Be sure to check out the Facebook group too because Jada and Sharon are #lifegoals.

You can shop online for 10% off through November 28th using my coupon code Erin10: 




Viola Vie- Started just this year by the beautiful Courtney Allred, this online boutique quickly became one of my favorites. With its soft feminine dresses and cozy sweatshirts, you really can’t go wrong. She even named a dress after one of my girls! Courtney’s packaging is as beautiful as her clothing and I don’t think I know a sweeter shop owner.

You can shop online for 15% off through November 18th using my coupon code ERIN15:




Red Closet Shop- Run by Jalynn Schroeder this online boutique has sweaters to die for and a HUGE selection of items for just $9.99. I love how she has a great mix of staple pieces and fun graphic t-shirts!

You can shop online for 10% off through November 21st using my coupon code Erin10:



Have fun shopping ladies and be sure to check back in next week when I cover my Top 5 Business Tips for New Entrepreneurs! 

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